Personal Shopper

Fashion Service

Would you like to forget about hurrying when doing your shopping? Would you like toknow the colours that make you shine? Would you like to have an organised up-to-date wardrobe with everything that really suits you?

An entire team of professionals, who are experts in the world of fashion and women's and men's styling are waiting for you at the Castellan El Corte Inglés shopping centre to offer you an innovative service, unheard of until now: our Personal Shopper Service.

Firstly, the service's  image advisers do a study of the colours that most suit you, according to skin tone, the type of clothes that suit you best and the make-up best suited to your features.  Both to organise your wardrobe by including all the fashion essentials and select the garments or accessories for a special occasion and also to find the perfect gift, the Personal Shopper Service will  make a pre-selection of what you need and present its suggestions in the privacy of a reserved area where you can try them on without obligation.

Where to find it: