Financial: El Corte Inglés


So that you can buy whatever you want and whenever it suits you best, without having to carry cash, El Corte Inglés, through Financiera El Corte Inglés E.F.C., S.A., offers you the possibility of making purchases in instalments in most of the Departments in our shops (Home, Jewellery, Leather, etc...). You only need to know the number of months over which you wish to defer your purchase (maximum 36 months) and bear in mind that the minimum amount of the monthly bill for any deferment is 30.00 euros. For this type of operation, the nominal annual interest rate is 18% (19.56% APR). The management fees for three-month operations vary depending on the amount of the purchase. You should also bear in mind that you can cancel the hire-purchase contract at any time or change the amount of the bills. You will be informed of this on 901 122 122 or at the Customer Service Department of any of our shops.

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