Services of Restaurants in El Corte Inglés Campo de Las Naciones

  • Cafeteria:

    What better place than our Cafeteria to stop off while you shop and enjoy a good breakfast, snack, lunch or afternoon snack. Its famous pancakes or the new hamburgers... at the El Corte Inglés Cafeteria...

    More information Location: P2
  • Cafeteria: Rodilla

    Rodilla has been offering genuine quality in its sandwiches for more than 60 years as well as a varied range of products (salads, coffees, pastries, etc.). A cafeteria that has maintained leadership...

    More information Location: P2
  • Restaurant: El Corte Inglés

    At El Corte Inglés Restaurant you will find excellent service, the best customer service and a quality alternative to other restaurants. The Restaurant is the perfect complement to the El Corte...

    More information Location: P2