Services of Restaurants in El Corte Inglés Lisboa

  • : Las Nubes de Lisboa

    A spacious restaurant with private dining-rooms, where authentic Mediterranean cuisine can be found, inspired by the Sea and the Countryside, as well as Paellas and much more. Open for lunch.

    More information Location: P7
  • Bakery: Sala de Chá Aloma

    Teas and herbal infusions, accompanied by cakes, scones, an assortment of sandwiches and traditional Portuguese pastries.

    More information Location: P1
  • Cafeteria:

    What better place than our Cafeteria to stop off while you shop and enjoy a good breakfast, snack, lunch or afternoon snack. Its famous pancakes or the new hamburgers... at the El Corte Inglés Cafeteria...

    More information Location: P7
  • Coffee shop: Starbucks

    Since its foundation in 1971, the Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working ethically with its raw material supply and producing the best Arabica coffee in the world. Thanks to its commitment...

    More information Location: P0
  • Ice cream parlour: Häagen Dazs: Häagen Dazs

    At Häagen-Dazs we are passionate about designing unforgettable experiences through our delicious ice creams and our surprising creations. We are a benchmark in the sector and we are convinced that...

    More information Location: PSC
  • Pastry: Eric Kayser

    Slow-rise sourdough bread. Traditional French viennoiseries like croissants, pains au chocolat, feuilletés aux pommes and others. Traditional French pastry made according to all the rules of the...

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurant:

    Skewers, Tapas, Skillet dishes, Iberian Hams and Cheeses accompanied with the best beers. Specialty: Octopus, “Revueltos” (Scrambled eggs mixed with various ingredients) and “Patatas....

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurant: Go Natural Sushi Bar

    Sushi restaurant freshly prepared in front of the customer by a sushimen team.

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurant: H3

    200 gram beef hamburgers, grilled at your preferred doneness, seasoned with sea salt and served on hot plates.

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurant: Loja Das Sopas

    Be ready to enjoy the wide variety of hearty soups, creamy soups or stews. To complement you can choose from tarts, sandwiches, savoury snacks, crepes and homemade desserts, everything very natural and...

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurant: Pans & Company

    Pans & Company  presents solutions for a complete  balanced healthy meal, freshly-made with fresh natural ingredients.  

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurant: Selfish

    Here grilled Fresh Fish is the highlight, as well as the delicious Tartars, the Braised fish and Tuna or Salmon Hamburgers on brioche roll and garob bread ("bolo do caco" - a flat circular bread).  

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurante: Basílico

    Basílico is a contemporary  Italian concept using fresh produce and developed by an Italian Chef, where the original recipes of the best signature dishes of Italian cuisine   are...

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurante: O FORNO DO LEITÃO DO ZÉ

    Roast suckling pig restaurant, with an innovative concept of ""Sande de Leitão" (roasted suckling pig sandwich) served in a personalized box with french fries and a flute of sparkling...

    More information Location: PSC
  • Restaurante: Vitaminas

    O nosso menu oferece-lhe os alimentos mais saudáveis que pode encontrar num restaurante: vegetais, fruta, queijos, massas, carnes brancas, peixes e cereais de excelente qualidade. E na forma mais...

    More information Location: PSC
  • Taberna:

    Buffet of traditional Portuguese dishes or daily menus. Open for Lunch.  

    More information Location: P7
  • cafeteria: Aloma

    A Corner with a diverse offer in cafeteria, pastries, traditional sweets, savories and varied sandwiches.

    More information Location: PSC